How You Got Here

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our planner charms knows they are getting a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for your planner.

~Amber Mace
CEO One Crafty Country Girl

♥Hello & Welcome♥

One Crafty Country Girl is my outlet of creativity to make beautiful things for you and your planner!

My little shop was opened to serve a dual purpose: to provide gorgeous handmade accessories for planner aficionados and to simultaneously provide income for my family, as my health problems prevent me from working at a regular 9-5 job. 

I create my own exclusive designs of planner accessories with a passion! I have always had an eye for design.

My first inspiration for my planner accessory shop was a unique paperclip that wouldn’t fold or bend. One that would look as beautiful on the front as the back, a high quality item that will last over time. I enjoyed designing my decorative paperclips topped with glittered resin shapes that add a touch of beauty to a planner. 

Next I began designing planner stickers, and in my shop I’m very proud to present my own unique styles and designs of planner sticker kits in multiple planner sizes: Personal Doki Disc Agenda, Doki Disc Agenda Large, Mini Happy Planner, Classic Happy Planner and Big Happy Planner. My eye-catching clip art stickers will work in any planner, journal, calendar or traveling notebook.

My next creative design was a set of planner charms, and these have really taken on a life of their own.  I use high quality beads with a glossy or pearl finish, sparkly glass crystals, and glistening metallic chains and clips that connect to the center ring of a planner to serve as either a placeholder in the planner or to “bling” up the outer cover of your planner with a personal touch.

The most important aspect of my business is my very personal touch in customer service, as well as the high quality of product that you will receive.  I aim to connect with each shopper as a personal friend, and I’m happy to customize any order by request or even to design something unique as a one-of-a-kind creation specifically for you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or even just to say “Hi!”
XOXO Amber – Designer/Owner