So Many Planners

Going absolutely crazy try to pick out a Planner….

Who knew picking out a planner could be so confusing? There are so many to choose from. Did you know that they come in Personal, A5, B6, Pocket, Mirco, Classic, A4 size and so many more. That is just the sizes. After you find out what size you want now you need to decide if you want hardbound, Spiral, Disc, Rings, or Strings. Are you going to go with the planner that everyone has that might cost $300 or are you going to start with a pen and paper? This is what you have to ask yourself. Are you having a panic attack yet? Because this definitely is very overwhelming. I myself suffer from panic attacks and this could send anyone into one with all of these options and just not knowing where in the world to start.

This is why I decided to start this blog post. I am going to walk you through all the options out there. No I am not getting a kickback from all planner companies for doing this. I just love planners and I run my own business. I am starting out the year 2020 decided to be more authentic. What I mean by that is showing more of myself in my brand of One Crafty Country Girl. I love to educate and show my love of planners. I like to help all planner friends while educating them with all their options when it comes to planners. I am in no way saying that I am an expert in planners. I have done a lot of research and also purchased a lot of planners over the years.


So Many Planners

There are so many options out there. What you need to remember is that there is no wrong way to plan. You may plan a completely different way than I plan and that is great. You need to remember, you do you. I know we see someone that we follow on instagram using something pretty and then they have so many followers and it gets shared in a circle of friends and we kind of feel pressed to buy it or you might fall for FOMO. Don’t worry when you are first starting out you don’t have to buy everything. You are fine to start with a notebook and your favorite pen.

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  1. Excellent advice for newbies. “You are fine to start with a notebook and your favorite pen.” So many people don’t understand that. X

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